How long do custom plates take to make?

Plates take between 4-6 weeks for production, plus shipping.

What if i can't come up with a custom slogan?

We've added a few options that we think are quite clever, and we have about a million more in backlogs that we'd be happy to share with you if you send us an email. Think of what you and your mates say when you're on a session, and use that. Have fun with it!

What's the difference between the line sizes?

Standard lines are 32mm long, and large are 40mm. The lightning lines fit about the amount that the standard lines fit. We recommend standard or lightning, as you'd hate to finish a whole pay packet in one go. We say, more lines, more times is key!

How well does it work?

Just follow your nose, and this tool works a treat. Even lines, every time.