The ceramic process is one of time and patience. It starts with a ball of clay, spun on the wheel into the shape of our plate. Exact measurements need to be followed so that the plate will fit into our luxurious black box. Once the plate is half dry, it is returned to the wheel upside down, where the base of the plate is trimmed and stamped. Then the front side is engraved and stamped with our signature lines. From here, the plate is left in a cupboard to dry slowly, avoiding any cracking. Once dry, it is placed in a kiln and brought to 1000 degrees celsius, which takes about two days. Then the plate is hand painted in three coats of glaze, only to be returned to the kiln again to fire to a temperature of 1220 degrees celsius, which is another two day process. If the plate has survived all of these steps, then it is placed in a box and shipped off to you, to be enjoyed at your session.

Make it unique by choosing your glaze colour, line size and shape, and creating a customised message to be stamped into each plate. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of highly functional art, made just for you. 

​Our bespoke plates are custom made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for productions, plus shipping.